It’s got to get bad before it gets good

I love music. I love hanging out with friends and partying. I Tweet, Tumbl and update my Facebook a lot. I love photography & fashion. I’m definitely not the usual girl who lays back and relaxes. I love adventures and I jump with both feet for it. I buy things that I want more than the things that I need. I’m a 55% jealous type of person (in terms of boyfriend-girlfriend relationship only.); I don’t judge people and I definitely don’t jump into conclusions. I don’t believe in rumors easily because I know people tend to put other people down just because. I get paranoid frequently and tend to over think things. When I find something I don’t understand, I ask. I don’t pretend to know and understand things just so people would think I know better. Speaking of people, I love people and I love making friends. I’m the type who’s easy to get along with and who loves friends like family. I love life and I’m learning to be optimistic because when optimism comes first, everything else follows.

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